Haski the Robot

"Haski the Robot" is a programming environment intended as an entrypoint for people who have no or very little previous programming experience. It provides a simple programming language with which the user can maneuver a robot on a working area, trying to accomplish various tasks.

Haski was initially implemented as my final examination project for a course in advanced functional programming in autumn 2004 at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden. It was very much inspired by "Karel the robot" and its german counterpart "Niki der Roboter", which I was confronted with at secondary school.

You can view the user manual online, it contains several detailed examples.

Haski is written in Haskell and published under the GNU General Public Licence (GPL).

It can be compiled with the Glasgow Haskell Compiler (GHC) (you will also need wxHaskell). For more details see the information provided with the sources.

Any kind of feedback is most welcome (mail address at bottom of page). :-)


Sources (including user manual):
haski-src.zip (347 KB)
(323 KB)

Pre-compiled version for Windows:
(unfortunately I haven't yet succeeded in producing an library-independent binary for Linux)
haski-win32.zip (2.72 MB)

User manual:
haski-doc.zip (276 KB)
(View it online)

Other stuff

In case anyone is interested:
You can look at the slides I made for a short project presentation here. In addition to that we were to write a short report on our project, which can be seen here as PDF or PS.

by Lars Otten, 2004