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Haski the Robot

Starting Haski

There are several ways to start Haski:

For instance, the following four commands are all valid (Windows-style, under Linux e.g. you'd probably want to call ./haski)

haski warehouse
haski warehouse warehouse-rec
haski warehouse warehouse,warehouse-rec,warehouse

If you supply more program-names than there are robot-definitions in the mapfile, only the needed number is used. Vice-versa, if the map defines more robots then the number of program-names you supply, only the smaller number is placed on the field.

Loading maps and programs

As an alternative to passing map and program names as parameters to the executable, Haski provides the opportunity to load map and program files through the GUI. This functionality is, however, limited: When loading a program this way (i.e. via the "File"-menu), only the first robot in the mapfile is actually placed on the working area and assigned the chosen program.

Therefore, in case you want more than one robot, you have to invoke Haski over the command line and give all programs as parameter as described above.

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by Lars Otten, 2004